All that is left today is to recall those friends who lost their lives, and those who survive with wounds—scars both physical and emotional. In 2004  five zealots attacked our consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. These men left for paradise:

Imad, who several times took me in hand, a guide through the complicated process of buying a truck in Saudi Arabia. Gregarious, helpful, selfless, Peace be upon him.

Basheer, who smiled from the day he started working with us in general services. His generous gift from India sits prominently in my family home. Cheerful, energetic, Peace be upon him.

Romeo, who kept my international line working so I could call home and talk to the woman who later became my wife. Quiet, efficient, professional, Peace be upon him.

Ali bin Taleb, noble Chauffer, escort lights flashing behind, Peace be upon him.

And smiling Jaufar Sadik, the Sri Lankan Local Guard member. In a letter to Commentary Magazine, a former U.S. Consul General in Jeddah wrote of him:

Without protective cover, Sadik bravely returned fire from three terrorists who entered the compound of the consulate general. It was he… who killed the terrorist leader and prevented further carnage. Moments later, Sadik himself was killed by a fourth terrorist who came from behind and shot him fatally in the head.

Peace be upon him.

Peace be upon them all.





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