Idling through the Shut Down

Revisiting publication credits to stimulate and inspire 2019 projects. I’d like to make it a year of broader platforms with more non-fiction. The days ahead, if the Grinches in DC keep Grinching, might provide both the means and the need to fulfill that prospect.


The Card from Kabul—The Foreign Service Journal May 2018
Transition Brief in Flash Non-Fiction Funny, Woodhall Press, March 2018
Uncle Sam, Matchmaker—American Diplomacy, Winter 2017
This Is How We Tweet—for The Foreign Service Journal, January 2014

Book Reviews (Published Beyond

Swimming, Karl Luntta, Peace Corps Worldwide, May 17, 2016 (short fiction)
Paradise in Front of Me, Kevin Finch, Peace Corps Worldwide, February 28, 2014 (memoir)
A Dry and Thirsty Land, Bryant Weineke, Peace Corps Worldwide, February 4, 2014 (memoir)
BenEastBooks Review Catalogue (45 titles from literary to crime fiction, memoir and more 2012-2017)

Short Fiction

Confirmation—The Citron Review, December 1, 2015
Green—Peace Corps Worldwide, January 10, 2014
One Dead Cop—Umbrella Factory Magazine, Issue 11, September 2012
Guts—Atticus Review, August 20, 2012


Patchworks, Moonshine Cove Publishing, September 2017 — reviewed by Dan Whitman (The Mess We’re In) at The Foreign Service Journal and by Peter Van Deekle at Peace Corps Worldwide.
Two Pumps for the Body Man, New Pulp Press, March 2016 reviewed by John Rouse at Peace Corps Worldwide.





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