Lucky Encounters in Serendib

We greeted the New Year from a treehouse in old Ceylon.

We rode the waves at Midigama and Weligama in Southern Serendib.

We climbed to Buddha’s retreat at Pidurangula and looked out over forests surrounding the ancient ruins of Sigiriya.

In Kandy, we spied the room housing the casket that holds the dagobas  wherein rests the relic of the sacred tooth—Buddha’s left canine, plucked from the flames of his funeral pyre and whisked to fair Sri Lanka 800 centuries later in the hair of a princess.

As sailors in the crow’s nest of a high seas galleon we rode the rain-soaked tracks through Hulu Eco Park spotting wild elephants, peacocks, hawk-eagles, buffalo, and deer, the wicked twists and jarring ruts ensuring for some a sleepless night, motion sick, pondering the question…

…when monkeys invade the tree house tonight
will they mistake our hot discarded rations
for their stolen savory feast…?

It’s been an adventurous New Year and many days to go.

Call her Serendib, Ceylon, or Sri Lanka, this island off India’s East Coast, where Rama chased Ravana in pursuit of his kidnapped Sita, holds riches beyond the spices, gems,  and inspiration of lore.

Well and lucky met, Serendib; what adventures hold you tomorrow?




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