Billionaires vs. 1/3 of 1%

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross dismissed the 800,000 federal workers threatened with the loss of a second paycheck this week, saying they represented a paltry “one third of a percent” of the U.S. GDP.


Recent studies show there are about 540 billionaires — people like Ross — in the United States. As a nation of 325 million souls or more, Ross and his ilk represent about 0.00000166153 of the population.

Now I know enough about economics to recognize that GDP isn’t the same thing as census figures. That even in a self-described “Christian nation” dollars equal more than souls.

But I also recognize that in light of the dismissive remarks made by members of the present administration, it is worth pointing out that 0.00000166153 is far fewer than a third of a percent.

So I ask, where are the pitchforks and torches?



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