Sez the Man with No Lips

I have too much to say about this experience, so I’ll just pop it up here.

A few days ago I sat down to chat with Matt Whiteside and only recently looked at the results. He’s a sharp guy with a great heart and an ambitious idea: help other writers.

He’s fun and funny and formidably smart. He wraps his head around those he interviews and sums it all up in tight, coherent phrases.

On laughter: “I think there’s no greater gift than giving that joy… The things you’ve touched on in your books: terrorism, government, gun control… We have to learn how to laugh at these things because otherwise they turn us into the monsters we don’t want to be…”

I didn’t say that. Matt Whiteside did, channeling his own acute intuition. Brilliant, fun interviewer. I’d like to give a proper shout-out to Matt’s project—and I will.

For now, I just want to announce our interview here. In a way, it speaks for itself.



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