A BenEast FilmFirst Production

This week I enjoyed a 30-minute interview with Matthew Whiteside, head impresario at Uniweb Productions.

The man’s doing a lot for indie writers, pumping out interview after interview exploring the challenges we face, the inspirations that drive us, and the rewards that come with pursuing our creative demons.

He even inspired me to put up my first YouTube production, an out-take from our conversation. First up: Who is BenEast? Find out in just 3 minutes:

Tune in later this week to find out how it feels to be featured on LousyBookCovers(dot)Com. I’ll discuss the inspiration and plotting of my first novel, Two Pumps for the Body Man. And I’ll share some lessons learned for finding an agent or publisher, then dish on my second book, Patchworks.

Matt is awesome, and I’ll be turning the mic around to interview him later this month.

In the mean time, I hope these out-takes will inspire readers to take a look at Matt’s  full interviews. My chat with him is posted here.



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