Bless Their (little) Hearts

It would be easy to give in to rage over this image in the NRA’s official organ, The American Rifleman.

It would be natural and normal to descend into name-calling against them.

But that’s exactly what the NRA wants, isn’t it? Emotional contagion.

Rather than express my disgust at this callous provocation to violence, I’ll turn it toward an act of kindness. In this way, I’ll subvert their malice and hatred against itself. From demons will come angels.

You can help spread this kindness. Team up with one of the many organizations dedicated to protecting society from escalating rage, like March for Our Lives. If you can’t join them, donate a small amount to them. If you can’t donate to them, here’s another option.

For the next seven days I will donate all confirmed proceeds from the sale of every new copy of Patchworks [through Amazon or Barnes and Noble, not through the secondary channels—those sales accrue no value or data for the author] to the young activists at March for our Lives. Just send me a note indicating your purchase of either print or kindle versions and I’ll take care of the rest.

The NRA can provoke the next awful American gun tragedy. You can work against it.

About Patchworks


Unless one government intern can make a miracle of his odd jobs in Washington, DC.
Gabriel Dunne’s federal internship has him tracking gun violence in America. But before he can start, his boss Chloe tasks him with planning her wedding; Parker wants help seducing their fellow intern; security chief Hubbard hounds him about expired passwords; the shredder guy needs saving from his deadly machine; and Congress threatens a government shutdown that’ll send them all packing. When a colleague is victimized by just the kind of violence their office exists to prevent, these ordinary bureaucrats must fight back, or become statistics in America’s next mad shooting spree.

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