Sold Out at In-N-Out

Must applaud the good fortune visited upon author Ted Gup this week in the form of free advertising for his former best-seller The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives.

Published almost two decades ago, Gup’s book found renewed celebrity when it appeared on the front page of New York’s gift to yellow journalism, open on the table before a defeated-looking Ghislaine Maxwell outside an L.A. In-N-Out Burger. Indeed Ghislaine’s lunchtime reading selection resurrected the title and sent it straight to the top of the charts.

As Gup notes in The Washington Post:

In the day since the book was mentioned in Maxwell’s allegedly nefarious hands, the book has skyrocketed on Amazon rankings from the torpid depths of the mid-300,000s to a sizzling No. 103, closing in on bestseller status among nonfiction books. But then it apparently sold out on Amazon. My agent is contacting the publisher to try to get more books sent over there.

So, what sleazy figure, otherwise cloaked in shame, will take me up on an offer of free copies of Patchworks and Two Pumps for the Body Man for public consumption? Send your address.


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