Tech genius

i am the family tech genius. The qualifying event is typing this reflection on this new phone.

since this is not a product placement initiative, I’ll refrain from mentioning the brand of my new device. My initial reaction is that I do not love it.

my new minder may have an efficient processor and a sharp-eyed camera, but it’s way too needy for my taste. It keeps asking me questions and I don’t know most of the answers even though I am the family tech genius.

all my favorite apps are gone and I can’t even find my settings feature. There’s a lot of gratuitous blinging I’m not used to and I haven’t got the patience to turn it off. but don’t worry about me. I’m a tech genius.

My unnamed phone arrived two weeks ago and stayed snug in it’s box until today while I waited for a case to arrive. The case arrived yesterday but it did not fit the phone because I am a tech genius.

This replacement case is pretty good and came a helluva lot faster than the one I ordered two weeks ago. Neither of these items gets a name brand mention since this is not a product placement initiative by your friendly neighborhood tech genius.



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