Absentee Ballot

img_9514Here I sit, brokenhearted
Came to vote but only farted.*

How the air is thickening!
Oh, the stink is sickening!

I have to choose between these two?
I’m on the throne just let me poo!

I’ll never again vote absentee
While squatting here, in luxury.

Don’s soft wipe will be mine soon
That hair of his just makes me swoon.

Note: Before there was DTTP there was KitchenTalkWithDonaldTrump

*Alert, I am plagiarizing and pretty much ruining a classic graffiti item from the third stall at CCSU’s Elihu Burritt Library. Sorry guys.


3 thoughts on “Absentee Ballot

    • Oh, no, it’s poignant, it is. I first saw the graffiti during my Scottish childhood — and in Scotland the rhyme makes perfect self-deprecatory sense.

      A waste of a penny? Wheesht, no wonder the writer was brokenhearted!


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