Current Situation

Migrating to my third generation Mac. That’s a circa 2004 15″ Powerbook G4 on the right, currently in use for a novel in development (Big Fish, Little Fish, for my son’s 8th birthday). I had to ramp it up tonight because the more modern machines are talking to each other, or at least trying to.

On the left is the machine I’m migrating from, the 2010 13″ MacBook Pro. In the center is the new MacBook Pro, sleek and lithe and handy but not quite ready for prime time. In front of it is the telephone, since I’m on hold with Apple. Why?

It’s because my old 2010 is running a newer operating system than my brand new 2017, that’s why.

Oh, sure, Apple took the time to charge up the Powerbook on its way out the door so when it arrived I could open the lid and race into the future. But it wasn’t as promised. Because they couldn’t take the time to install the High Sierra operating system, I now have to do it for them. But don’t worry, the customer service agent assures me by telephone: Apple has a customer feedback option online that I can use to register my complaint.

Well, I oughta just punch myself in the face. I thought I was registering my complaint!

Sheesh! Dense! And now I’ve lost an hour working on Big Fish, Little Fish because Apple didn’t care enough about its product to send me the latest version. Guess what, Apple: birthdays aren’t patient. They arrive inexorably. But what do you care: I’ve already bought into the third generation of your charms, you sly corporation, you.


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