Turns Ten. Turns Us In.

The kid set us up, big time.

He gets a bat and balls and batting glove, bowling and pizza and chocolate cake, and this is how he repays us?

All week long we put little signs around the house noting his tenth birthday. Ten of them to be exact. Or, make that 12 or 13, depending if you count the 10-shaped pancake last Sunday and all the other funny business.

So maybe that was it. Maybe it was the frustration at the cards that only added up to 9, or the ones that added up to 10.1.

How maddening, to be told he had to find ten cards marked ten in order to get all his wonderful presents.

But look what a pretty decoration it made in the end-

And now I’ve got Jim Comey’s black hats in my rearview. Damn my eyes!




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