Books Not Presently Up at Amazon


  1. The Attorney for the Attorney Representing the Client’s Attorney—A Legal Thriller
  2. Balzac’s Listicle of SCOTUS Decisions on Penal Reform
  3. Nantucket: Beyond the Limericks
  4. Dirty Rhymes, Inappropriate Puns, & Other Reasons Dad Shouldn’t Drink So Much
  5. Dr. Pepper Treats Sgt. Pepper’s Chest Wound: a tender memoir of finding love in a time of war
  6. Catch-22: The first out of the bottom half of the 4th inning from last night’s softball loss
  7. Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk and Other Sophistry from Lagrymosthenes
  8. What Would Baby Jesus Do?—The small joys of Christian parenting
  9. Private Parts, Out of Uniform—Book IV in the My Bawdy Military Series
  10. Thanks for All the Kudos (But What Are They, Really?

What other titles are out there that you’d like to read, or perhaps even write, that you can’t find presently at Amazon?


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