A List of People Who Also Should Be Armed

Amid all the fury and debate over whether or not to arm high school teachers in order to prevent the next deadly shooting spree, several relevant employment categories are being overlooked.

A review of other recent abuses of heavy firepower in public places suggests the United States can only protect itself from itself by requiring itchy trigger fingers for the following.

In addition to, of course, the high school teachers.

  1. Random bureaucrats at military installations and shipyards
  2. Movie theater ushers and teens overcharging for popcorn
  3. Priests, pastors, and other members of the clergy
  4. Punchbowl attendants at the office holiday party
  5. Open-air country music concert venue staff
  6. Nightclub bartenders
  7. College professors
  8. Post office clerks
  9. Office managers like Michael Scott
  10. Anyone missing?

April 20th is National School Walkout. We remember Columbine. We remember there is evil in our midst who today commemorate Hitler’s Birthday with images of  the number 88.

In solidarity with those who walk out, my imagery today will be orange.

*Michael Scott image courtesy of michaelpiff.com




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