Rhymes with Fake Gnus

1.       Fake shoes. Also called flip-flops.

2.       Fake brews. Non-alcoholic beer. Avoid at all cost.

3.       Fake dues. No payment required.

4.       Fake flues. Actually, you feel quite good but call in sick.

5.       Fake ruse. This is the same thing as telling the truth.

6.       Fake rues. Actually, you don’t care.

7.       Fake poos. Better smelling than the real thing.

8.       Fake loos. See previous.

9.       Fake muse. Uninspired stimulus. 

10.     Fake news. Favored adversary of low IQ persons.


8 thoughts on “Rhymes with Fake Gnus

  1. 11. Fake glues. You know the ones. You think you stuck something down, but it peels off seconds later.
    12. Fake mews. When your pet parrot is imitating your cat.
    13. Fake Sues. You know, the hordes of women out there that are called Martha or Stephanie but pretend their name is Sue.

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