Fly America… Call the Philippines

When your official government travel orders authorize advanced seating to guarantee a seat beside your child during an international move—old home packed, new home empty…

…but the airline won’t confirm your seat more than 23 hours before you fly…

…and you spend hours on the phone…

…talking to the travel agent…

…and talking to the American Flag carrier you’re forced to book with thanks to the Fly America Act

…and talking to the foreign code-share airline you selected because they break up the 16-hour journey into two legs…

…because one 16-hour stretch in the flying tube is too much to bear.

And none of these people you talk to is present in the United States.

You can say with confidence…

The Fly America Act does nothing to serve the people who travel and does nothing to protect American workers. Rather it gives offshore jobs to telephone operators in the Philippines…

And gives profits from cheap labor to corporate pigs and K St money to the congressmen who voted for the Fly America Act.

Fly America.

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