The Literary Excellence, II

My nominations for The Stephen T. Colbert Award for The Literary Excellence continue. Writers, friends, and fellow bureaucrats looking for the most eloquent way to describe their mood this past week should look no further than Sterling Johnson's masterpiece of contemporary literature: English as a Second F*cking Language. This gem, in the shape of Strunk & White’s classic treatise … Continue reading The Literary Excellence, II

Sea Never Dry on Second Award List

Leapfrog Press announced their fiction contest results for 2014.  My manuscript for Sea Never Dry was named a semifinalist.    Thick with spies and fetish priests, Internet fraudsters and the  orphans turning a buck on Ghana's e-waste ash heaps, Sea Never Dry centers on the conflict between Western development efforts and lucrative criminal activity in the developing world.  Read More Congrats to the … Continue reading Sea Never Dry on Second Award List