White Chapel, Black Hole

Human excrement paves the dungeon floors at Cape Coast Castle. The same is true of other slave forts dotting Ghana's coast, and along the rest of West Africa. The impacted waste is one of the more subtle, more stirring features of a tour through those high limestone walls. The cannons are there and stacks of … Continue reading White Chapel, Black Hole

One Dead Cop: the Wattpad Experiment

My Wattpad experiment comes to an end. I'll publish my conclusions next week. For now, here is the rest of One Dead Cop. Pick up where you left off below, or read from Part I. 4 Palm Massacre Darko’s voice comes hushed and urgent over the phone. I have something for you. An accident? Fitch … Continue reading One Dead Cop: the Wattpad Experiment

Dundee International Book Prize

Two weeks until the February 15th deadline for submitting your manuscript to this year's Dundee International Book Prize. Curious about what floats their boat? Read last year's shortlisted works: My manuscript Sea Never Dry, thick with crooked cops, fetish priests, Internet fraudsters, and orphans turning a buck off a West African e-waste dump, made last year's cut. Read the excerpt below. Now, … Continue reading Dundee International Book Prize

Shortlisted for International Book Prize

The Dundee International Book Prize announced their short list for 2014.  Sea Never Dry, my novel about dirty cops and drug trafficking in West Africa, made the list.  Thick with spies and fetish priests, Internet fraudsters and the Ghanaian orphans turning a buck on Accra’s e-waste ash heaps, Sea Never Dry centers on the conflict between Western development efforts and … Continue reading Shortlisted for International Book Prize