Jon Voight’s IOU

Well, gee, is anyone surprised by Jon Voight’s absurd words of support addressed to the people of the Republican Party?

Is anyone surprised to see the actor who portrayed Milo Minderbinder, Joseph Heller’s brilliant rendering of a profiteering con artist in Catch-22, praise the most notorious and corrupt corporate scoundrel America has ever produced?

Sure, Voight’s character is best remembered for profiting off illegal transactions involving eggs meant to feed America’s World War II Air Force bombardiers.

But let’s not forget where all this leads. Let’s not forget how surprised—and distraught—Yossarian feels at 20 thousand feet when he finds his silk parachute replaced with an IOU from M&M Enterprises.

Like the man Voight praises, Minderbinder turns his sacred trust into a magnificent ponzi scheme. He takes what isn’t rightfully his, promises endless winning in return, and hands out worthless chits to the poor saps he has conned.



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