mixture is not confusion

This is Mixture. Mixture is delicious. Mixture is not the same as Confusion, which does not always include peanuts, raisins, cornflakes, and other ingredients prepared as below.

To make Mixture, fry three red chilis with two dozen curry leaves until they darken, and when they cool, grind them up! To this powder add sugar (2 tsp), salt (pinch), mango powder (1.5 tsp), and stir it around.

Next make two tsp of mustard seeds sizzle in three tbs of oil, then toss in a pinch of asafetida (fun word), about a cup of red-skinned peanuts, half a cup of raisins, three or four broken red chilis, two or three slit green chilis, and three cups of cornflakes. Use other cereals if you like, including those circular oats that come in a yellow box and might be shaped like hearts if you get them at Valentine’s Day. It’s weird, eat your heart out General Mills.

After all this, add a cup of boondi, which is fried puffed chickpea flour you can find at the Indian store. Stir it around on low heat for a few minutes until crispy.

There is nothing confusing about Mixture. You just eat it. Eat it all up!



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