Knife fight

This is a knife.

This is the dumbest knife in the kitchen.

This knife is so dumb it does not even know it is a knife. I suspect this knife thinks it is a spoon, which is about how sharp this knife is. Sharp as a spoon.

I would like to thank the even dumber creature who invented this product so badly suited to its purpose, which is slicing through the cold, hard butter in my fridge.

Why does the dullest blade in the room accompany the hardest, slipperiest, most difficult product, and one that should be shaved in fairly slim measure?

Such a sad, feckless blade.

Oh, I see. That figures. According to a website in Oz called sciencelens, this blunt object was created by a French clergyman, one Cardinal Richelieu, Armand Jean du Plessis. Fed up with the dagger-bearing brutes at his table savagely stabbing their meat, Richelieu developed in 1637 this kinder, gentler knife-shaped spoon to curb their enthusiasm.

He died five years later, no doubt of loneliness, starvation, and want of butter.

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