George craves the syringe with an addict’s distress. I have one thumb on the plunger. I put the other in his mouth. The plastic syringe tip curves along my crooked thumb between George’s lips. I press the plunger carefully and let the milk flow.The ruddy face of Senator Teflon–that’s my name for him–fills the television. He speaks aggressively, his head jerking up and down. The TV is muted. For all I know, Teflon’s gobbling like a turkey. Both hands occupied, I have no way to change the channel.

“What’s that thing called?” I ask George’s mother. “Hangs off a turkey’s chin?”

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Heaven Is Coming Home, Part II

…David’s richly textured writing reads like romantic poetry.  Yet there is a clarity to the telling born of steady revelation in sign and image.  The narrator, like an expert kite handler, works his string in concert with the wind to lead the colors of his craft across our minds’ eye.


As our protagonist Rovin, reborn Ravindranath the prophet, sets out at the beginning of Part II in search of the Magi, we long in our hearts most for his reunion with the Angel Drianelle….

Do You Read?

I wish more people were reading books. Here’s what I’m reading: Heaven Is Coming Home, by David Suarez Gomez.