Don Turkey & Key Lime Pie

Me bloggy familiars: recognize this?

We made such pies a few years back.

And we ate those discs of lemony lime so again Kodachrome the tarty goodness in oven-baked form.

After Don Turkey loses his head we’ll top ‘em with cream. Whipping it first!

(Did I say, Don Turkey, THE Donald Turkey? Pardon me, pardon you, old Donny T, it’s a vegetarian feast for us and no DTs welcome, thanks much)

NO DONALDS ALLOWED! Banished for good and off with their heads! The whole Fam Dambly!

Problems with pies and problems with cakes… Wait, there’s problems with pies and cakes?

No. Yes! You can’t taste ‘em!

Can’t taste ‘em ‘til served, and serves them you must, untasted til the compny comes.

Any blogwarts figured a way through this concern? 

How to sample a pie meant for guests and at Thanksgiving? Is it ok to serve, just a spoonful of filling?




One thought on “Don Turkey & Key Lime Pie

  1. This is SO FUNNY!!!! Cause I am literally going to start baking pumpkin pies tonight: One to bring on thanksgiving!!!!! And one to eat at home starting ASAP!!!! I just can’t wait. So I really hear your predicament!!!!! Whenever you eat the pie: ENJOY!!!!!


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